Amnesty Health’s Success Stories!

These are all real people that have shared their stories to inspire your story. So many people don’t believe it’s possible to reverse their diabetes and continue to struggle each day for no reason, check out one of our seminars and decide to become a non diabetic today. You’ve been sick long enough.

Mike had a A1C of 7.8 while taking oral medications, after completing thereversal program under Dr. Hutchins his A1C is now 5.4 and he’s off all medication even his blood pressure pills.

Anna’s A1c was 10.7 while taking insulin and metformin, after completing the program under Dr. Hutchins and Dr. Beauvais her A1c is now 6.0 and she is on no medication.

Steve had a A1C of 10.2 and was taking metformin and insulin, he’s now on zero medication and has a A1C of 5.4.

Terry was a Type 2 Diabetic for 25 years taking Actos and metformin, after completing our Reversal program he’s off all medication and is no longer diabetic.

Annabella has another 6 weeks in care but her A1C went from 11.3 while taking insulin and metformin her A1C is now at 6.3 and she’s on on very little medication, she’s on track to be non diabetic real soon.

Gwen was a Type 2 Diabetic for 18 years but after 15 days she was off all her medication. She also said her energy levels improved drastically. Gwen’s a realtor in Spartanburg SC and still works everyday.

Walt was Type 2 Diabetic for 15 years with a A1C of 9.8 while taking medications, but now has a A1C of 5.4 and is off all medications. And he has that golf game working great once again.

Paul had a A1C of 8.5 while taking Metformin but after a short time he now has a A1C of 6.1 and best of all he’s medication free, and has lots of energy. Paul’s a chef and now has energy and sleeps better.

Diane not only got off insulin, but Dr. Hutchins corrected a few GI Tract issues and also cleared up psoriasis she had for over 30 years. Diane also brought her daughter in once she saw results and she also reversed her diabetes, and got off Metformin.

Mae’s A1C was 9.6 even while taking insulin In 7 weeks she was off all insulin and at last check her A1C was 6.2. She also said her energy is as high now as it was 20 years ago.

She had diabetes for 20 years her A1C was 7.5 while taking 2000 mg of Metformin but after 6 weeks the pills were history and her diabetes was in remission. Yay for you Thelma.

Kenneth had type 2 Diabetes for 7 years and but after 5 months he is Diabetes and Medication Free.
Nice job Kenneth.

22 years with type 2 Diabetes after 12 weeks she’s off all Insulin, she has 12 weeks left but her progress is awesome.

Jerry lost 40lbs in 2 mos without diet or exercise, this was done by fixing underlying organ issues and cleansing the body of inflammation. He used to take 140 units of insulin each day plus 2000mg Metformin  today Jerry is all those medications and lives a life free of diabetes.

Gwendolyn had Type 2 Diabetes for 13 years and had a fasting blood sugar of 215 while taking medications her blood sugar is now 100 and that’s without harmful medications. She also says her energy levels have increased and changed her life.