Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

What we test for and why:

DNA Saliva Test

This test looks at your adrenal glands and at what time of the day you have adrenal fatique and or overactive adrenal function.

Stool Test

This test takes a indepth look at your GI Tract, we are looking for bacterial overgrowth, staph, and parasites that all cause inflamation and can drive blood glucose sky high. This test is also used to detect Leaky Gut, 85% of patients tested have some level of leaky gut.

Alcat/ Food Sensitivity Test

This tests provides the necessary data to keep you from starving yourself, gives us the data to build you a customized food guide where you can eat a lot of the foods you’re probably avoiding.

Underlying Issues We Diagnose and Treat

Fatty Liver 

If your liver isn’t functioning correctly, it can drive your blood glucose into a unsafe level. This will make you qualify as a diabetic and forcing your doctor in many cases to put you on medication without even ordering a liver test. Clearing the fatty liver up and getting the liver enzymes in normal range can eliminate the dependency for medications.

Hoshimoto’s Disease 

This disease is seen in women more than men. Its a thyroid condition that can really cause problems. Your immune system mistaking your thyroid as the enemy and trying to destroy it. With testing and treatment, this isn’t a hard fix at all but you need to get on top of this early before the thyroid is completely wiped out. The thyroid is a component that helps control blood sugar by metabolizing it. Issues with this gland need to be diagnosed and corrected asap.

Phosphatase Test

This test is so simple but gets overlooked most of the time. When the phosphatase test is high it means theres a issue with one of your organs thats being overlooked. An organ is basically dying and needs corrective supplementation and nutrition to get the organ back to normal functionality.

CRP C-Reactive Protein Test 

This test measures the amount of inflammation in your body. High levels of inflammation can raise blood sugar and can also put you at risk for heart disease and stroke.

Anti-Insulin Antibody Test 

If your doctor has ever raised the amount of medication you’re on for blood sugar, that is most likely because you’re insulin resistant. This means your body produces antibodies out of protein to protect the body from foreign invaders. In this case, your body is seeing the hormone insulin as a invader and attacks it.

Renal Panel 

This test allows us to see kidney function and allows Dr. Hutchins and his staff to come up with a safe treatment plan. Reversing your diabetes can save you from spending your glory years in a dialysis center. We get so many diabetics that come to us for treatment and say, “I wish I would’ve came to you before my kidneys went bad.” If any positive can be taken from this, its that you should learn from their mistake of turning a blind eye to this disease.

By correcting the underlying conditions that cause type 2 diabetes and reversing it the right way, you will open the menu up and allow yourself to enjoy many foods that you probably avoid on a daily basis.