Amnesty Health started out as Integrated Health and Wellness of Greenville.  While experiencing rapid growth over the years we noticed confusion with the overuse of Integrated Health.  We decided to change our name to avoid getting lost with other Integrated Health names.  Our reversal program has very little to do with diet and exercise. Amnesty Health focuses on fixing and correcting underlying issues with organs that aren’t functioning correctly to control blood sugar.

We now have 4 offices in 3 states and 3 more expected in the coming year. Dr. Hutchins M.D. experience in dealing with Type 2 Diabetes on both a personal and professional level has been an integral part of our success.

We now have over 4,800 patients in care, from the Carolinas to California. Due to the successful treating of our patients, we started receiving calls from family members of those patients asking for assistance. Amnesty Health decided to allow those new patients to do face to face doctor visits from the comfort of their living room. Our patients visit with the doctor and chart their progress utilizing the Amnesty Health App on iPads provided to them.  This has led to us using our program throughout the country to help people who are struggling with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.

Be sure to check out some of our testimonial videos of real patients who used to struggle with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.  We make it easy to attend one of our Free Type 2 Reversal Seminars. You will be educated about your diabetic condition, while learning you have a choice. An individual can choose to remain diabetic, or you can choose to reverse the disease. Type 2 Diabetes can not only shorten a persons life by 10 years, but it can also make their quality of life pretty crummy. New research shows Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed, upon reversal, you can start eating somewhat normal again. Our program is not a diet program, it’s a fixing functionality program. The keys are making the organs function properly, removing inflammation, and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body  This approach can lead to the reversal your Type 2 Diabetes and get you off harmful medications. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our upcoming seminars!

Please call (704)713-0260 or email customerservice@amnestyhealth.com for customer service regarding any and all disputes regarding your care with Amnesty Health.

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